How early does everybody usually book their cruise?

The timing of booking a cruise can vary depending on several factors, including the destination, cruise line, and personal preferences. Here are some general guidelines regarding when people typically book cruises:

Early Booking

Some travelers prefer to book their cruises well in advance, often 6 to 12 months ahead of the departure date. Early booking allows passengers to secure their preferred cabin category, itinerary, and dining options. It may also provide access to early booking discounts and promotions.

Wave Season

Wave Season is a period from January to March when cruise lines typically offer special deals and promotions to encourage bookings. Many people take advantage of these offers, which can include discounted fares, onboard credits, or cabin upgrades. Booking during this period allows travelers to secure good deals, especially for popular sailings.

Last-Minute Bookings

While early booking is common, there is also a segment of travelers who prefer last-minute bookings. Cruise lines sometimes offer discounted fares to fill remaining cabins close to the departure date. However, this approach carries some risks as the availability of preferred cabin categories and itineraries may be limited.

Holiday Sailings

For holiday cruises, such as those during Christmas, New Year’s, or school vacation periods, it is advisable to book well in advance. These sailings tend to be popular and fill up quickly, so securing reservations early ensures availability.

Repeat Passengers

Cruise lines often offer special deals and benefits to their repeat passengers or loyalty program members. These passengers may have the opportunity to book cruises earlier than the general public, allowing them to secure their preferred sailings and take advantage of exclusive perks.

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It’s important to note that individual preferences and circumstances may influence when people book their cruises. Some individuals prefer to plan well ahead of time, while others may opt for last-minute deals. It’s recommended to research and consider various factors such as itinerary, cruise line, availability, and budget to determine the best time for booking a cruise that suits your needs.

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